Our Story

TAD Management began as a talent booking agency and show production company in Phoenix, AZ back in 2009.
After serving the local over-55 communities and raising the bar significantly, it was not until 2018 when we started to
realize that we had another service to provide – and another bar to raise!

Enter TAD Travel!

Why TAD Travel?

We provide the most unique and the safest excursions to the over-55 communities anywhere in the world. Our attention to detail is second to none – in true “TAD” fashion – and our pricing is hard to believe with many excursions offered at discounts up to 40% lower than our competitors.

Day Trips and Overnight Excursions

The travel specialists at TAD Travel are setting new parameters for the travel world with new and exciting day trips and overnight excursions. Everything from a day trip to local attractions to 5-night visits to Broadway, Las Vegas and many more national destinations.

“TAD” Cruises

Join us on a unique TAD cruise on some of the world’s most exciting Cruise Lines. You will be joined by members of the TAD organization including entertainers, chaperones and also members of upper management all the way up to the CEO, Terry Davies and his family. This is truly a wonderful way to see the world and be entertained by one of the leading entertainment providers in the world.